Gazpacho Recipe

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Gazpacho Recipe

Post by FarmerSteven on Thu May 07, 2015 9:03 pm

Hi all,

For those who don't know, I lived in Spain for about 10 years and during my stay I've learned a lot of Spanish recipes, many of which I'll share here in the forum with everyone. The first one I'd like to share is gazpacho.

Now depending on where you are from in Spain you will have your own recipe, for example in the south (Andalucia) they incorporate bread into their recipe. The recipe I am going to share is fairly traditional and would be the "norm" throughout Spain.

For about 4 healthy servings:

1 Large Organic cucumber (peeled)
1 Organic Bell Pepper
1 Small Organic Onions - for less sharpness you can blanch and cool the onion before processing.
4-6 Organic Tomatoes - ideally peeled and chilled
2 Small Organic Garlic cloves - cut in half and remove the inner stem to "lighten" the garlic
~1/4 cup of white organic vinegar
~1/4 cup of Spanish Olive Oil - any olive oil is fine really, but try to use the greenest most flavorful availalbe to you
1 tablespoon of Mediterranean Sea Salt - Any sea salt would be fine and of course salt to your preference
Water as required to provide consistency.

Blend all above ingredients for top to bottom until nice and smooth, if too thick add more water. Chill and serve.

To try the Andalusian style use dried baguette crumbs and a bit more water.


For very hot days feel free to add a couple of ice cubes.

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