How to become a passive Elmer Fudd

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How to become a passive Elmer Fudd

Post by FarmerSteven on Sat May 09, 2015 8:30 am

We all love rabbits don't we? They're cute, furry, and lay chocolate eggs......what's not to love.

Until you show up at the garden and find your whole patch of carrots destroyed by one of those furry fanged vegetable devouring machines. Now you start thinking of how rabbit would taste in a stew. Yes those harmless looking creatures and become a gardeners worst enemy.

But we don't want to harm the little fella, just help him find food anywhere outside our garden. How can you help you ask? Well I'm sure you don't want to walk around the garden all day and night with a BB gun trying to condition the animal to not eat vegetables, that might take years to do. So here is how we all can help......

Close the gate. All gates, all the time. Leaving it open for a few minutes while hauling in a few wheelbarrows of dirt might just be long enough for that furry little creature to setup a base camp inside our garden.

Think like Bugs Bunny. If you see a potential opening in the fence or notice one of those carrot nibblers stroll casually into the garden, let one of the managers know.

Each of us helping out a little might just be enough to save someone's else's garden from an attack.

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Re: How to become a passive Elmer Fudd

Post by MaryD on Tue May 12, 2015 11:11 am

I laughed when I saw the title - kind of.  We are trying to get a group organized to move the bamboo and such along the inside of the fence since that seems to be a nesting area for the rabbits.  So watch for an email from me asking for some help - hopefully this week-end!  

I will also be asking for help in putting mesh on the gate leading to the dumpster area once we get the rabbits out.


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